Obonjan Transfers

Obonjan Tranfers

Island of Obonjan.. for many years uninhibited part in Sibenik archipelago.

Just relax and enjoy, even while getting there.

Why Obonjan

Pure nature by itself, combined with all kind of relaxation forms; trough yoga, meditation, bodyworkouts while embracing fun, music, varius organized projects, keeping You in tune at the same time.

Split Airport to OBoNJAN

Transfer from Sibenik, fast boat “taxi boat Sibenik to Obinjan” will transfer you safe and comfortable.

Transfers Sibenik to OBoNJAN

Book you transfer from Split airport. Combined fleet of ours VIP fast boat “taxi boat Obonjan” will transfer you safe and comfortable.

With us You are starting Your vacation immediately.

And Why Taxi Boat Sibenik

By VIP vehicles transfer, combined with taxi boat service, at prices comparable to a regular taxi.

Transfers Split Airport to Obonjan

You don’t need to worry about transfers of any kind, by offering You our full support.

Both equipped with Wi-Fi; free of charge.

Enjoying the beauty while traveling, continued by reaching Your destination, with all that island has to offer. By choosing us You are reaching it at any time and any by conditions.

Calculate Your fare easily, share cost even by putting parameters of Your travel destination in the
order form, available on the price list link above.
For any other inquiries feel free to contact us at any time.